Weekend Warriors Counter
Football is life accelerated.
Documentary, 93 min., color, D 2005

ACHTUNG!! ACHTUNG!! AMERICAN FOOTBALL INVADES GERMANY..... and they're LOVING it!  Follow 4 team players of the "Berlin Adler" in this hilarious and inspirational story of a team who's trying to get to the top....THE GERMAN BOWL! Witness their anguish and pain... cheer their joys and triumphs, as the camera follows them on the field, in the locker room, at home and at their "day" jobs.

A sports film at its finest..... hysterically capturing the spirit of teamwork, and what it means for a man to be a winner.... not only in sports but also in life!!!


Sascha (Herbie) Herberg
Tilo Hölscher
Thomas Jonietz
Petrus Penkki
Johnny Schmuck
Kent Anderson
Shuan Fatah

and the football team
"Berlin Adler"

Director&Writer: Alexa Oona Schulz
Director of Photography: Dirk Heuer
Editing: Jenny Allmendinger
Composer: Robert F. Trucios
Title Song:
Sound: Ingo Aurich
Final Sound Mix: Thomas Knop
Colorist: Nadir Mansouri

A co-production with
Vis-á-Vision Medienproduktion

blue moon film, Colonnaden 15, 20354 Hamburg, Germany
+49. 171. 17 200 74 , info@blue-moon-film.com

Some kind words:

„Authentic scenes, as if the camera would not have been there, the dream of every documentary filmmaker.“
(Der Tagesspiegel, Berlin)

 „ A very inspired documentary debut.“
(Financial Times Germany)

 „Absolutely worth watching....an entertaining portrait.“
(Huddle – The Football Magazine)

"According to Hawes-Davis (festival founder and programming director of Big Sky Documentary Film Festival), some of the best films in this year's festival are sleepers.
"I think people tend to look at content and decide what to see based on whether they're interested in the subject," said Hawes-Davis. "But that means they might overlook some great ones." As one example, Hawes-Davis points to "Weekend Warriors," a film about young enthusiasts of American-style football in Germany.
"It's probably not apparent from the subject matter, but that's a film that's just so funny and well-made, the characters are really well-developed and interesting," says Hawes-Davis. "It's great, even though you may not expect that from what it's about."
(The Missoulian, Thursday, February 16, 2006)

  • Silver TEN Award, Sport Movies & TV Mumbai, India 2006
  • Promotion Award of the Thuringia State Chancellery, Gera, Germany 2006
  • Nominated for Guirlande D'Honneur, Sport Movies & TV Milano, Italy 2006

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